featured image credit; Conor McGregor on Twitter

UFC star Conor McGregor still has a strong stance on the  WWE.

The 28-year-old featherweight champion hit out against the WWE to his 2.08 million twitter followers. Well, I suppose there’s not much more else say rather than look below and see….

In anything Conor McGregor says, it always leads to an always interesting aftermath..
Dana Brook went key-to-key with, what appears to be, none other than a tweeting pug:

It doesn’t stop there…

Even fans were going at each other..

My Reaction…

Whether he is knocking heads in a cage or playing mental warfare at press conferences, the Notorious one is always providing entertainment.

So what’s my analogy? Keep talking, it will get you places. You may even become famous…


image credit


words by @emmetbana

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