Matiss Zaharovs Vs Darren o Brien in the Bantamweight Division at Cage legacy 1

28th October 2016. Tickets on sale now @

Matiss Zaharovs fighting from Cilll Dara MMA has a record of 3 wins  loss 1 and in his MMA career so far. When Cage Legacy spoke to Matiss Today he said:

“Let’s hope he’s ready because I’m coming for his head. In the last fight I didn’t throw enough punches so in this one I’ll make sure to crack him with a few left hands and we will see if he’s still standing and if he try’s to take me down I’ll just submit him again”.

“I think its going to be a very good experience fighting on a big show like Cage legacy”

Both lads were back forward recently on social media and its putting a bigger flame to the already burning fire between the both men.

matis 2.pngmatis 1
Matiss told us his dreams is to become  a professional MMA fighter and to be showing his skills and talent on the worlds big stages!!

Both lads previously had a great fight on Celtic Gladiator recently and Matiss picked up the victory over Darren via Armabar so they is a rematch that the fans really want to see!

Its time to settle the score at Cage legacy get your tickets now !!

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cage legacy logo trimautism 2

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