Makinde Adeyemi will make his first defence of his Cage legacy welterweight title against John Mitchell at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.

Makinde is the current record holder for the fastest finish in Cage Legacy history at 0:53 seconds of the very first round by armbar to be crowned champion at Cage Legacy 2. Makinde trains out of Ryoshin Fight Academy under 7th dan black belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Tony Carrick and kickboxing coach, former european champion Gabor Hartobagyi. Makinda had this to say about defending his title.
“I’m ready for whoever, whenever. Worked too hard to get where I am now and I’m closer to where i want to be. Nobody’s stopping me from getting there.”

John Mitchell, an accomplished striker who fought A-class in the main event at Bangla stadium in Thailand, fought on Cage Legacy 1 against Niyi Behan and showed he has been putting some serious work into becoming a more complete MMA fighter, took the fight to the mat and dominated 3 rounds against a team mate of Makinde. John has been working wrestling with Arann Maguire and Liam Beechinor at BJJ Cork.

This makes for an exciting fight for the fans. Will Makinde be successful in his first title defence or will Mitchell be crowned the new champion?

Tickets on sale 11-11-2016.

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