Cage Legacy 2 will take place on March 24th in the TLT in Drogheda. Cage Legacy have announced several amateur bouts that will showcase some of Ireland’s best amateur MMA talent.

Dillon Manning (Judo Muskerry) Vs TBA Middleweight Title fight.

Patrick McNally (Belfast MA) Vs TBA Flyweight Title fight.

Alexander Yankov (Compound/Ryano) Vs Alex Kravtsov (Husaria) #1 featherweight Title.

Niall Branigan (Full Power Gym) Vs Adam Darby (Ryano) Lightweight bout.

Leon Hill (Full Power Gym) vs Dave Cremin (Samson MA) Lightweight bout.

Keith o Rulligan (SANDA MMA) Vs Marco Lunardini (SBGi) Lightweight bout.

Nahom Wedi (Living) Vs Ronan Tomnay (BJJ Cork) Featherweight bout.

Darren Sarsfield (Full Power Gym) Vs Ivan Blanita(Team Ryano) Welterweight bout.

Matthew Whyte (Full Power Gym) Vs Ger Harris (SBG Charlestown) 58kg catchweight.

Patrick Symes (Ryano) Vs Krystian Feist (Ferocity) Teen bantamweight.

Nathan Brennan (Ryano) Vs Neil English (Shark Bait) Teen lightweight.

Nauris Bartoska (Full Power Gym)Vs Nathan Duggan (Living) K-1 bout 60kg

Aaron Reilly (Full Power Gym) Vs Jordan Mcmahon (SBG Charlestown) K-1 bout 66kg

Tickets here

More bouts professional and amateur coming very soon stay tuned.

Tickets go on Wednesday the 22nd February 2017.



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