Nathan Duggan (17) from Living I Am Club in Phibsboro in Dublin takes on Nauris The Nightmare Bartoska from Full Power Gym in Drogheda this Saturday night at Cage Legacy Kickboxing 2.

This is a rematch between both young up and coming fighter who previously went head to head at Cage Legacy 2 in march when it ended a draw on the night, Now its time to settle the score but this time the stakes are higher. The winner will become the Cage Legacy Junior K-1 Lightweight Champion.

Cage Legacy media spoke to Duggan today about his upcoming title bout…….

“I started martial arts just because I always had a passion for the sport since the age of 5 I’ve been watching the UFC since about age five and later on I realised it’s what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life”

Duggan stated the first decision doesn’t even matter to him anymore this is a new fight with a new approach and a new result and one hundred percent he will see himself the lightweight champion Saturday night!

“I am the more skilled fighter and I know I want it more than him, all I can say is Nauris better fight harder than last time cause I walked out scratch free last time and I want a war this time!”

Watch the first fight between both young prospects below and do NOT miss the rematch for the title this Saturday the 17th of June at Cage Legacy Kickboxing in the Brabican Drogheda, Ireland.


nathan nauris new.png




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