Adam Caffrey​ (Rush Fight Academy) defeats Ivan Zidar​ (Allstars Training Center, Sweden​) via RNC in Round 1 Professional Bantamweight Bout

Pedro Carvalho​ (SBG Ireland) defeats Jeanderson Castro​ (Pheonix) via Arm-bar in Round 1 – Professional Lightweight Bout 

Dylan Logan​ (SBG Ireland) deafeats Firat Haco Dogan​ (AllStars Training Center, Sweden​) via Arm-bar in Round 1 – Professional Featherweight Bout

Amateur Bouts:

Alexander O’ Sullivan (CMAC) defeats Leon Hill (Full Power) via Arm-bar in Round 1 – Interim Lightweight Title Bout


Jack Monahan (BJJ Cork) defeats Adam Nowak​ (Arena Wexford) via Unanimous Decision – Lightweight Bout

Dee Begley (BJJ Cork) defeats Jenna Karam (Knockout Academy) via TKO in Round 3 – 56kg Catchweight Bout

Modestas Ukaitis (SBG Ireland) defeats Roy Noonan (FMBJJ) via Arm-bar in Round 1 – Welterweight Bout

Tyrone Quinn (SBG Ireland) defeats Colin Murphy (TMG Portlaoise) via Tap (Anaconda Choke) in Round 2 – 74kg 

Carl McCann (SBG Ireland) defeats Dylan O’Donovan (SBG Cork) via Ground & Pound in Round 2 – Featherweight Bout

Nate Enright (Straight Blast Gym Dublin 24​) defeats Keith Deane (Bertsakers Cork) via TKO in Round 2 – Welterweight Bout

Eoghan Chelmiah (Team Ryno Kilkenny) defeats Brandon Myers (SBG Chalestown) via Split Decision – Bantamweight Bout

Sean McConnel (SBG Charlestown) defeats Adam Ryan (Sharkbait MMA) via TKO in Round 1 – Lightweight Bout 

Ronan Tomnay (Bjj Cork) defeats Aaron “Any Weights” Reilly​ (Full Power Gym) via Ground & Pound in Round 1 – Featherweight Bout

Adham Shaban (Bjj Cork​) defeats Joel Zanga (Straight Blast Gym Dublin 24) via Unanimous Decision – Featherweight Bout

Mikey Byrne (Straight Blast Gym Dublin 24) defeats Nauris Bartoska (Full Power Gym) via Arm-bar in Round 1 – Teen Bantamweight Bout

K-1 Bouts:

Luke O’ Sullivan​ (Full Power Gym) defeats Rhys O Connell​ via KO in Round 1 – 75kg K-1 Rules

(C) Erikas Erik Luko​ (Full Power Gym) defeats Ciaran Stokes (Sanda MMA) via TKO in Round 3 –​ Junior Bantamweight K-1 Title 

Jonathan Delaney (SBG Cork) defeats Larry Haggins (Full Power) via TKO in Round 1

Wahab Zadeh defeats Matthew Whyte – BJJ NoGi Super Fight

Gary Rooney V Nahom Wedi – Draw – BJJ NoGi Super Fight

Max Lally defeats Nathan Chambers (Full Power) – BJJ NoGi Super Fight

Cage Legacy 4: Halloween Havoc
TLT Center, Drogheda
Oct 29th 2017

Credit : Fightstore Media

cage legacy 4 sponsors.png

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