Fight card for this Sunday in Newry Canal Curt, Doors open 2,30pm and first fight 3pm sharp. Card subject to change.

RED CORNER                                                                 BLUE CORNER

  1. Main Event- Decky Mcaleenan (Torres) v Adam Gustab Pro Featherweight MMA

  1. Daniel Olejniczak (IFS) V Malcolm Griffin (Systema MA) Pro MMA 82kg Catchweight

  1. Marcin Zembala(Newry Muay Thai) V Sasa Firer Svitlica (Full Power) Pro 71kg K-1 Bout

  1. Shea Dobbin (Newry MT) v (C)Niall Tucker (Coleman Combat) Light HW K-1 Title.

  1. Aaron McGuigan (Sanda MMA) v Matthew Whyte(Full Power)Super LW K-1 Title.

  1. Ryan Murphy (Evolve/Ryano Derry) V Alan Connolly (Samson) Featherweight MMA

  1. Tyrone Quinn (SBG) v Patrick Lehane (SBG Cork)Lightweight  MMA

  1. Keelan Flanagan (Torres) v Karl Donaghue (SBG Charlestown) Welterweight MMA


  1. Christophe Przywara (SBGi) Vs Nahom Wedi (Living) Featherweight MMA

  1. Ruari Broderick  (Shaolin MMA) v Colm McGiolla Mhir (SBG Charlestown) Featherweight MMA

  1. Ruairi Lavery (Torres) V William Cosford (SBG Cork) 63kg Teen MMA

  1. Dylan Doherty  (Evolve/Ryano Derry) V Nauris Bartoska (Full Power) 58kg Teen MMA

  1. John Fitzpatrick (Newry MT) v Pawel Politylo (Fantom) 63kg K-1 Fight

  1. Darragh McShane (Mas-F)  v  Antony Sithole (Living) 65kg K-1 bout

  1. Oisin Duffy (Sanda MMA) v Abanoub Fares (SBG Cork)  66.8kg Junior K-1 Junior Title

  1. Eoin Chandley (SBG Cork) v Erik Luko (Full Power) 57.2 Junior Featherweight K-1 title

  1. (C) Oisin Fox (Newry MT) v Fou Fou Fares (SBG Cork) 50kg Junior K-1 Junior Title

  1. Shea Leathem (Sanda MMA) v Elvis Luko (Full Power) 56.2kg K-1 Junior Title

  1. Darren O’Donogh Jr (Sanda MMA) v Blaine McGill (Rathmor)  69.5kg K-1 contender

01.Ryan McCartney (Torres) v  Keith Kavanagh (East Coast BJJ) No-Gi Super Fight



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