Cage Legacy 11 takes place on March 23rd 2019 in Finnstown Castle Hotel Lucan,Dublin. A night of MMA action not to be missed, Draft fight card below….

  1. Mikey Byrne (SBG D24) V Pat Lehane (SBG Cork) Vacant Featherweight Title
  2. Kenny Mokhonoana (C-MAC) V Adam Nowak (Arena) Super Lightweight MMA
  3. Dylan Kennedy (No Fear MMA) V Darryl Byrne (SBG Port) Flyweight MMA
  4. Sean McConnell (SBG Charlestown) V Eoghan Higgins (Strange Wolves) Lightweight MMA
  5. Francis O’Brien (Full Power) V Davy Murphy (Arena) Lightweight MMA
  6. Taka Manu (SBG Swords) V Shane Mullen (SBG Tallaght) Featherweight MMA
  7. Ervins Linmeiers (Sanda MMA) V Kaspars Bulins (SBG D24) Super Welterweight MMA
  8. Abanoub Fares (SBG Cork) V Yacoub Kassouri (SBG D24) Super Bantamweight MMA
  9. Eoin Sheridan (SBGi) V Luke O’Sullivan (SBG Drogheda) Super welterweight MMA
  10. David Carson (Full Power) V Lukasz Zillions (Arena) Super Lightweight MMA
  11. Daire Woods (Strange Wolves) V James Ivors (SBG D24) Featherweight MMA


More bouts to be added in the coming days, Stay tuned!




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