Cage Legacy KB 3 Fight Card.

Draft fiGht card below for Cage Legacy Kickboxing 3 August 26th 2017 in Dundalk.

Tickets on sale now from all fighters,Fight card below…


Jack Kelly (Jai Sua) v Patrick Maughan (Force) – 69.5kg Pro

Andrei Jentimir (Naas) v Peter Conroy (Dundalk Thai) 62kg Pro.

Alex Yankov (Compound) v Sebastian Szuster (Knights Templar) 66.8kg Welterweight Title

Viktor Sorokins (Relentless) v David Ola (Compound) – 75kg Middleweight Title

Aaron Clarke (Naas) v Nathan Kenna (Full Power) 62.5kg Super Lightweight Title

Ciaran O’Regan (BJJ Cork) v Keith McEneaney (Louth Thai) 94.5kg

Chris McGinley (Newry MT) v Luke O’Sullivan (Full Power) 74kg

Sean Boyd (New Gen South) v Stephen Broadhurst (Sanda MMA) 78kg 

Laura O’Neill (Next Gen South) Liz Vickers (Blue Dragon) 65kg

Andrees Binder (Shaolin MMA) v Hugh Gleeson (Kokoro) 80kg

Kyle Kilduff (SBG Portarlington) v Keelan Flanagan (Newry MT) 75kg

Neil Curran (Blue Dragon) v Darragh McShane (D-MasF) 62.5kg 

Adam Ledwidge (Next Gen South) v  David McArdle (Louth Thai) 64.5kg

Jake Heavey (Warriors Cavan) v Aaron Reilly (Full Power) 69.5kg

David Malone (SBG Portarlington) v Jose Pecsos (Mas F) 65kg

Lee Walsh (Larrys) v Ruari Lavery (Newry MT) 60kg Junior Lightweight Title

Faidh Maguire (BJJ Cork) v Roksana Kier (Relentless) 62.5kg Super Lightweight Title 

Gearoid Mcardle (Louth Thai) v Dean Hill (Full Power) 75kg

Abanoub (SBG Cork) v Dean Gorman (CBS) 66.8kg contender bout

Sergio Strasnei (Naas KB) v Nauris Bartoska (Full Power) 61kg

Craig Nolan (Jai Sua) v Keith Keogh (C-Mac) 60kg

Angelika Andrychiewicz (Cavan Warriors) v Melissa McArdle (Full Power)62.5kg

Evan Cleary (Blue Dragon) v Sean Higgins (CBS/Coleman) 54.5kg

Matthew McGinley (SBG Portarlington) v Darragh Brady (Malahide MA) 60kg

Jamie Walker (Larrys) v Callum O’Connor (Sanda MMA) Sponsored 41kg title

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Cage Legacy KB 3: August 26th Fight Card

Cage Legacy Kickboxing 3 returns to the Ramada Resort Hotel Dundalk Ireland on August 26th for a night of explosive K-1 action both professional & amateur.

Tickets are on sale now from all fighters on the card and are only €25!

Over 25 bouts including 5 title fights! Below is the draft fight card for the night…. 

21-Jack Kelly (Jai Sua) v Patrick Maughan (Force) – 69.5kg Pro

20-Abndrei Jentimir (Naas) v Peter Conroy (Dundalk Thai) 62kg Pro.

19-Alex Yankov (Compound) v Sebastian Szuster (Knights Templar) -66.8kg Welterweight Title

18-Viktor Sorokins (Relentless) v David Ola (Compound) – 75kg Middleweight Title

17-Soloman Simon (Compound) v Ion Catarau (Naas) 69.5kg Title

16-Nathan Kenna (Full Power Gym) Vs Aaron Clarke (Naas KB) Vacant Super Lightweight K-1 title

15-Ciaran O’Regan (BJJ Cork) v Keith McEneaney (Louth Thai) 94.5kg

14-Niall Kelly (Relentless) v Luke O’Sullivan (Full Power) 75kg

13-Sean Boyd (New Gen South) v Stephen Broadhurst (Sanda MMA) v 78kg

12-Neil Curran (Blue Dragon) v Darragh McShane (D-MasF) 62.5kg

11-Adam Ledwidge (Next Gen South) v David McArdle (Louth Thai) 64.5kg

10-Jake Heavey (Warriors Cavan) v Aaron Reilly (Full Power) 69.5kg

9-Laura O’Neill (Next Gen South) Liz Vickers (Blue Dragon) 65kg

8-Lee Walsh (Larrys) v Ruari Lavery (Newry MT) 60kg Junior Lightweight Title

7-Faidh Maguire (BJJ Cork) v Roksana Kier (Relentless) 60kg Junior Lightweight Title

6-Gearoid Mcardle (Louth Thai) v Dean Hill (Full Power Gym)

5-Abanoub Faros (SBG Cork) v Darren O’Donagh (Sanda MMA) 66.8kg contender bout

4-Gearoid McArdle (Louth Thai) Vs Dean Hill (Full Power Gyn) 75kg

3-Angelika Andrychiewicz (Cavan Warriors) v Melissa McArdle (Full Power)

2-Evan Cleary (Blue Dragon v Sean Higgins (CBS/Coleman) 54.5kg

1-Jamie Walker (Larrys) v Callum O’Connor (Sanda MMA) Sponsored 41kg title

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Cage Legacy 3 Fight Card! July 22nd.

Fight card so far for Cage Legacy 3 Cork July 22nd 2017

(Not running order) (Subject to change)
Professional bouts 3 x 5 mins – Amateur MMA 3 x 3 mins

11.15pm – Professional Lightweight bout.
Alejandro Toutparfait (Allstars ) Vs Marcin Zembala (Team Torres)

10.45pm – Professional Bantamweight bout.
Ivan Zidar (Allstars) Vs Nathan Kelly (Kyuzo MMA)

Professional catchweight bout 140lbs

10.15pm – Christofer Darre (Sarpsborg Chi) Vs Tom Moore (Sharkbait MMMA)

10.00pm- Will Fleury (SBGi) Vs John Redmond (Team Ryano) 88kg Boxing

9.45pm Ivan Blanita (Team Ryano) Vs (C) John Mitchell BBJ Cork) Welterweight title.

9.30pm – Stuart Mulpeter (SBG Port) Vs (C) Dillon Manning (Muskerry) Middleweight title.

9.15pm- Matiss Zaharovs (Ryoshin) Vs Darren O’Brien (SANDA MMA) Interim Bantamweight title.

9.00pm – Leon Hill (Full Power Gym) Vs Jack Maguire (BJJ Cork)  Vacant Featherweight title.

8.45pm- Rosa Walsh (FMBJJ) Vs Dee Begley (BJJ Cork) Vacant Woman’s Bantamweight title.

8.30pm – Patrick Mc Nally (Belfast MA) Vs Barry Hanna (Malahide MA) Vacant Flyweight title.

Main Card above from bottom to top. (8.30pm) Main Card stars (Subject to change)

8.15pm- 8.30pm BREAK – Raffle
8.00pm- – Keith Kavanagh (Full Power Gym) Vs Ben Judge (FMBJJ) Featherweight bout.

7.45pm- Nahom Wedi (Living) Vs Ronan Butler (SBG Cork) Featherweight bout.

7.30pm- Fionn Hickey (SBG Cork) Vs Cian Flynn (Trials) Welterweight bout.

7.15pm-Dean Martin (SBG Cork) Vs Ronan Tomnay (BJJ Cork) Featherweight bout.

7.00pm-Emil Piatek (C-MAC) Vs Wahab Zadeh (Spartan) 67kg Catchweight.

6.45pm-Dylan O’Donovan (SBG Cork) Vs Ronan Manning (Muskerry Judo) Featherweight bout.

6.30pm- Ryan O’Connor (SBG Cork) Vs Jordan Bradshaw (CMAC) Featherweight bout.

6.15pm- Stephen Looney (SBG Cork) Vs Jonathan Delaney (SBG Cork) Lightweight bout.

6.00pm – Patrick Lehane (SBG Cork) Vs Filip Błażyński (Spartan) Welterweight bout.

Prelims above, First fight 6.00pm Sharp, Subject to change.


5.45pm – Scott O’Sullivan (SBG Cork) Vs Adrian Power (Trials) K-1 rules 76kg

5.30pm – Kiya O’Sullivan (CMAC) Vs Faidh Maguire (BJJ Cork) K-1 rules 59kg


5.20pm- Winner V Winner (Final) Cage Legacy Nogi Championship Belt.

5.10pm -Nogi ADCC Rules Super Fight – Decky McAleenan Vs Connor Dylan

5.00pm -Nogi ADCC Rules Super Fight – Lee Hammond Vs Theo Mouratidis

4.50pm -Nogi ADCC Rules Super Fight – Cian Cowley Vs Neill McGwynne

4.40pm – Ciaran Brohan  Samson Vs Andrew McGahon Team Torres (Semi)

4.30pm – Paul Browne Team RYANO Vs Kevin Wong (Semi).

Doors Open 4.00pm to public First match 4.30 sharp, First MMA bout 6.00pm

Tickets on sale now from all fighters or online at BUY TICKETS

O’Connor: “I can’t see the fight going past the second round”

Ryan O’Connnor SBG Cork takes on Jordan Bradshaw in the featherweight division at Cage Legacy 3 n Cork this Saturday night in the Neptune Cork. A contestant of the W”W program he now looks to move on to the bigger leagues and has a tricky task ahead of him in CMAC MMA’s Bradshaw.

When we spoke to O’Connor and asked him how he got int the sport he replied: “I got into the sport from boxing. Boxed for a number of years in different clubs. I was convinced to try MMA eventually but had been a fan for years before hand. Haven’t looked back since although I’d still have a lot of interest in boxing”

“As a boxer I like to use my hands a lot. I like using the shorter ranges to fire off quick hooks and undercuts in close quarters. In saying that I am also comfortable on the ground and love finishing a choke”

We asked O’Connor what or who inspires him the most? “Growing up, I would have drawn a lot of inspiration watching Mike Tyson fight. That’s not to say all my inspiration comes from the boxer either. I saw an inspiring figure in Roy Keane too. The pair are similar in their relentless work ethic and no nonsense approach, which has stuck with me and helps me get the most out of my time in and outside of the gym”


“I can’t see the fight going past the second round. I don’t need a feeling out phase. I know what needs to be done from the first bell and I’m confident in getting it done. No matter where the fight goes I can control it. Be it standing, against the cage, or on the ground, we have all bases covered in this camp.”


“After this fight I will be straight into another one in Dublin on the 29th of July. From there I’m hoping to get a crack at the world championship try outs for team Ireland. I hope to press for a cage legacy title by the years end too”

“The movement of the human body interests me hugely, especially in a fighting capacity. I also have a background in bio-mechanics, which I think helps me understand the motion of a fight to a higher level. I don’t think very many people can move the way I move or strike as intelligently as I do. My strength and conditioning is also second to none. I put this down to my own work ethic combined with the expertise of the people at Momentum Performance, who are working with me on this camp. I can train at a full capacity everyday due to the specificity of my training along with the help of Laura Galvin Physical Therapy to increase and maintain my mobility.”

This fight has the potential to be a cracker not many tickets left so get yours now..

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Butler: “What motivates me the most is my passion for the sport”

This Saturday Night at cage Legacy 3 in Cork Ronan Butler from SBG Cork will take on Nahom Wedi from Dublin in front of the Cork fans. This is another amazing fight on our biggest fight card to date.

Nahom Wedi (Living) Vs Ronan Butler (SBG Cork) Featherweight bout.

butler vs wedi.png

“I got into this sport over just wanting to be a complete fighter and I was previously doing Muay Thai but then i seen Conor McGregors success in a not so popular sport at the time at least in Ireland before hand i was starting to pay attention to MMA and then watching that Mcgregor vs Brandao just really pushed me towards it”

Butler is coming off a 2nd round TKO finish at cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda in February full video below..

“Conor mostly and many champions and skilled competitors but my childhood fighter really was Bernard Dunne and that is where my attention to fighting first grew but what motivates me the most is my passion for the sport and at how much i want to accomplish.”

Butler is very confident in his talent and stated he wanted to fight abroad and fight more frequently to become champion where ever i fight. A good win here would surely make a statement towards that belt. Not many tickets left so get yours now from all fighters!

This Saturday night there will be 1600 screaming MMA fans inside the fight capital NEPTUE CORK!

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Begley: “It is going to be an interesting clash of styles”  

Cage Legacy spoke with woman’s bantamweight contender Dee Begley from BJJ Cork ahead of here title bout against fellow Cork contender Rosa Walsh in just 2 days at cage Legacy 3 in the Neptune Stadium. The Netune Cork is the home to many a memorable event and this Saturday another one is coming!

July 22nd in the Neptune Stadium in Cork both girls battle it out to become the first ever woman’s MMA champion in our promotion, HISTORY will be made on fight night!

On March 24th 2017 Dee Begley defeated Silje Wahl in Drogheda at Cage Legacy 2 via Guillotine Choke in 3rd Rd to earn her title shot.

dee 2

We asked Begley how did you get into the sport?

“I’ve been Kickboxing since I was aged 8, so I’ve always loved fighting. I boxed in UCC with Arann, he asked me for years to come up and train with them and I eventually did!”

This is the biggest woman’s MMA bout on our show to date and will rally show two highly skilled athletes battle it out in front of the Cork fans. Begley stated that her inspiration for all this is her mother.

When we asked Begley how does she see this fight ending the bantamweight challenger replied: ” This will be one hell of a fight that could end in a number of different ways. She’s is an accomplished Ju Jitsu practitioner and I am an excellent Kickboxer, it is going to be an interesting clash of styles”

Begley has been training since the age of 8 in Martial Ats and when Begley and Walsh clash in 2 days at Cage Legacy 3 it will be a fight to remember for a long time, Everyone has wanted to see this fight for a long time and now its finally about to go down!

Get the last remaining tickets now from all fighters..

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Mitchell: “My circle around me are what inspires me most”

Our current welterweight champion John Mitchell defends his title in his hometown Cork this Saturday July 22nd against Team Ryano’s Ivan Blanita.

Mitchell originally started boxing when he was living with his dad in Cavan then when he was back in Cork he joined forces with Siam Warriors and BJJ Cork and went from there.

“My circle around me are what inspires me most. My Family Friends and people in my gym constantly supporting me and encouraging me are what pushes me on to keep doing well. A lot can be said for a few good men all moving in the same direction”

mitchell vs blanita.png

When we asked the our welterweight champion Mitchell what he predicts the outcome of the fight will be he relied: “I have a pretty good idea about how this fight will go down but I’ll show you instead of telling you”

john mitchell newer

“After this fight i am going to focus on improving each aspect of MMA instead of fighting every 6 weeks” 7- i think What separates me from every other fighter in the division is my rate of progression . This will be my 7th MMA fight in 10 months. I’m getting in there against the best guys every chance I can at different weights each time. I made my debut in September and skip 10 months on and now i’m in my third Championship Fight. Also I’ve got such dedicated people around me giving me one to one training constantly”

This is another super fight on this stacked fight card, Not many tickets left so get yours now from all fighters on the card..

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