Cage Legacy 10 Fight Card

Cage Legacy 10 – 1st of December 2018, Good Counsel GAA, Dublin, Ireland.

(Not Running Order, Subject to change)

Decky Dalton (FAI) V Tom Pédréno (France): Professional Featherweight MMA Bout – (3×5) Referee: Dec Larkin

John Byrne (SBGi) V Pat Lehane (SBG Cork): Interim Super Lightweight Title – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Aaron Quinn (SBGi) V Paul Buckley (MMA Cork): Middleweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Steve Costello (SBG Tallaght) V Ervins Linmeiers (Sanda MMA): Super Welterweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Emma Stafford V Nicola O’Reilly:  Strawweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Jack Hamill (SBGi) v Leon Hill  (Full Power): Welterweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin3x3)

Clinton Scott (SBG Charlestown) V Solomon Simon (Ryano Waterford): Lightweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Aaron Daniels (SBGi) V Adam Zimny (Strange Wolves): 72kg MMA- (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Brandon Myers (SBG Chalestown) V Karl McConway (Shaolin): 63kg Catchweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Victor Catlou (SBGi) V Stephen Mullen (Shaolin MMA): Welterweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Shane Mullen (SBG Tallaght) V Armand Herczeg (Sanda MMA): Super Bantamweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Eoin McDonald (SBGi) V Paul Stewart (Strange Wolves): Lightweight MMA- (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Tommy Stack (JSBJJ) V  Luke Daly (MMA Cork): 90kg MMA Bout- (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Christophe Przywara (SBGi) V Francis O Brien (Full Power): Featherweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Matvei Zara  (Fanthom) V Lukasz Zillions (Arena): 74kg MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Colm Mac Giolla Mhir (SBG Charlestown) V Abnoub Fares (SBG Cork): weight MMA bout – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Patrick Griffin (SBG Cork) V Damien Sneyd (Strange Wolves): Featherweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Sinéadh Ní Nualláin (SBG Ballina) V Faidh Maguire (MMA Cork): Bantamweight MMA – (3×3) Referee: Dec Larkin

Lola Safronova (Sanda MMA) V Sarah Donne (Champions):  Charity Boxing Bout – (3×2)

Not running order, More bouts to be added to the card, tickets are on sale now from all fighters or buy tickets !

Cage Legacy announce 4 MMA shows around Ireland today!

Today was a big day for Cage Legacy fans as the promotion announced four upcoming MMA shows around Ireland, below are the provisional dates..

Cage Legacy 9 – Tallaght, Ireland, August 18th 2018

Cage Legacy 10- Dublin, Ireland, October 6th 2018

Cage Legacy 11 – Newry, Northern Ireland, November 24th 2018

Cage Legacy 12 – Cork Ireland, February 9th 2019


This is great news for Irish MMA with plenty of shows for up and coming talent to perform on a big stage. Promised by promoter Declan Kenna are some HUGE professional MMA bouts so stay tuned for updates.

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Cage Legacy 7 – Drogheda – Fight Card



Not Running Order – Subject to change – More Bouts to be added.

Pedro Carvalho  (SBGi) V Ibragim Kantaev  (Fight Team Berkut) – Professional Lightweight MMA Title Bout. 

Ben Forsyth  (SBGi) V Luis Correia  (Team Correia) – Professional Light Heavyweight MMA Bout.

Marcin Zembala  (Torres) V Dylan Logan  (SBGi) – Professional Lightweight MMA Bout.

Sasa Svitlica (Full Power) V  Jack Kelly    (Jai Sua) – 71kg Professional K-1 Bout.

Jack Monahan (MMA Cork)    V Lee Hammond (SBGi)   –  Lightweight IMMAF trial .

Dylan Kennedy  (No Fear) V Dave Fogarty  (SBG Charlestown) – Flyweight MMA Bout.

Sean McConnell   (SBG Charlestown) V’s Soloman Simon  (Ryano) – Lightweight MMA Bout.

Luke O’Sullivan  (Full Power) V Ervins Linmeiers   (Sanda MMA) – Vacant Super Middleweight K-1 Title Bout.

Carl MaCann  (SBGi) V Nahom Wedi  (Living i) – Featherweight MMA Bout.

Alexander Yankov (Compound)  V’s  Aaron Reilly   (Full Power) – Welterweight K-1 Title.

Niall Branigan  (Full Power) Vs Stephen Treacy  (TKD) – Lightweight MMA Bout.

Clinton Scott (SBG Charlestown)   Aaron Keogh   (Ryano Waterford) – Lightweight MMA Bout.

(C) Erik Luko   (Full Power MMA) V  Stephen Mcpeake  (Coleman Combat) – Junior K-1 Featherweight Title.

(C) Elvis Luko   (Full Power) V Sean Higgins  (Coleman Combat) – Junior Bantamweight K-1 Title Bout.

Dylan Doherty    (Evolve) V Carl McKeever  (Coleman Combat) – 57kg Junior K-1 Bout.


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Draft fight card for Cage Legacy 5. Canal Court Hotel Newry on Sunday December 3rd 2017. Our last MMA show of a successful 2017


(Subject to change, More fights to be added)

Main Event- Decky Mcaleenan (Torres) v Adam Gustab Pro Featherweight MMA

Daniel Olejniczak (IFS) V Malcolm Griffin (Systema MA) Pro MMA 82kg Catchweight

Co Main- Marcin Zembala (Torres) v Sasa Firer Svitlica (Full Power) Pro K-1 70kg

Ryan Murphy (Evolve/Ryano Derry) V Alan Connolly (Samson) Featherweight MMA

Tyrone Quinn (SBGi) Vs Patrick Lehane (SBG Cork) 72kg Catchweight MMA

Keelan Flanagan (Torres) v Karl Donaghue (SBG Charlestown) Welterweight MMA

Christophe Przywara (SBGi) Vs Nahom Wedi (Living) Featherweight MMA 


Ruari Broderick  (Shaolin MMA) v Colm McGiolla Mhir (SBG Charlestown) Featherweight MMA

Ruairi Lavery (Torres) V William Hosford Cooper (SBG Cork)  63kg catchweight teen MMA

Dylan Doherty  (Evolve/Ryano Derry) V Nauris Bartoska (Full Power) 58kg Teen MMA


(C)Niall Tucker (Coleman Combat) V Shea Dobbin (Newry MT) Light Heavyweight K-1 title fight.

Matthew Whyte (Full Power) v Aaron McGuigan (Sanda MMA) 62.5kg K-1 Title fight

John Fitzpatrick (Newry MT) v Pawel Politylo (Fantom) 63kg K-1 Fight

Darragh McShane (Mas-F)  v TBA 63.5kg K-1 bout

Abanoub Fares (SBG Cork) v Oisin Duffy (Sanda MMA) 66.8kg Junior K-1 Junior Title

(C) Oisin Fox (Newry MT) v Fou Fou Fares (SBG Cork) 50kg Junior K-1 Junior Title


Erik Luko (Full Power) V Eoin Chandley (SBG Cork) 57.2 Junior Featherweight K-1 title

Elvis Luko (Full Power) v Shea Leathem (Sanda MMA) 56.2kg K-1 Junior Title

Blaine McGill (Rathmor) v Darren O’Donogh Jr (Sanda MMA) 69.5kg K-1 contender


All cage side are sold out and general almost gone. Get your tickets now..

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Cage Legacy 5 Draft Fight Card!

Main Event- Decky Mcaleenan (Torres) v Adam Gustab Pro Featherweight MMA

Co Main- Marcin Zembala (Torres) v Waldamer Cichy Pro Lightweight MMA

Ryan Murphy (Evolve/Ryano Derry) V Alan Connolly (Samson) Featherweight MMA

Adam Shaban (BJJ Cork) v Colm McGiolla Mhir (SBG Charlestown) Featherweight MMA

Keelan Flanagan (Torres) v Karl Donaghue (SBG Charlestown) Welterweight MMA

Ruairi Lavery (Torres)V Keith Keogh (C-MAC) 63kg catchweight teen MMA

Dylan Doherty  (Evolve/Ryano Derry) V Nauris Bartoska (Full Power) 58kg Teen MMA


(C)Soloman Simon (Compound) v Ion Catarau ( Naas) 69.5kg K-1 Title fight

(C)Niall Tucker (Coleman Combat) V Shea Dobbin (Newry Muay Thai) Light Heavyweight title K-1

Matthew Whyte (Full Power) v Aaron McGuigan (Sanda MMA) 62.5kg K-1 Title fight

(C) Oisin Fox (Newry MT) v Fou Fou Fares (SBG Cork) 49.1kg Junior K-1 Title

(C) Erik Luko (Full Power) v Oisin Coleman (Colemans) 58kg Junior K-1 Title

Dean Gorman (CBS) v Oisin Duffy (Sanda MMA) 66.8kg Junior K-1 Title

Blaine MaGill (Rathmor) v Darren O’Donagh Jr (Sanda MMA) 69.5kg

More fights to be added MMA & K-1… Tickets are going fast and all cage side are almost sold out already, Cage Legacy 5 Newry December 3rd 2017!

Canal Court Newry! #cagelegacy5

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Carvalho ‘I want that belt’

pedro ccccccCage Legacy 4 took place October 29th in the TLT in Drogheda Ireland.

SBGi Portuguese MMA fighter Pedro Carvalho put on a masterclass display Sunday at Cage Legacy 4 in Drogheda, In the co main event of the evening Carvalho picked up a 1st round armbar finish over Brazilian Jean ‘The Jungle’ Castro.

After the fight the confident Carvalho jumped to the top of the cage and told everyone its the belt that he wants next, Watch the full fight below…..



The Cage Legacy professional Lightweight title is currently vacant and Carvalho has secured his place to fight for it, So stay tuned for some HUGE fight news very soon.


Cage Legacy 4 Fight Card

Cage Legacy 4 takes place tonight October 29th in the TLT Drogheda and brings the fans an action packed fight card with some of the very best fighters from around the world, Below is the running order for tonight’s show. First fight 6pm sharp, Doors open 5.30pm.

Cage Legacy 4 “Halloween Havoc” October 29th 2017!

(Not Running order- Subject to change)

Adam Caffrey​ (Rush FA) Vs Ivan Zidar​ (Allstars Training Center​) Professional bantamweight bout.

Pedro Carvalho​ (SBGi) Vs Jeanderson Castro​ (Pheonix) Professional lightweight bout.

Dylan Logan​ (SBGi) Vs Firat Haco Dogan​ (AllStars) Professional Featherweight bout.

Leon Hill (Full Power) Vs Alexander O’ Sullivan (CMAC) Interim Lightweight Title fight.

Jack Monahan (BJJ Cork) Vs ADAM NOWAK​ (Arena Wexford) Lightweight bout.

Main Card above starts 9pm sharp!

Dee Begley (BJJ Cork) Vs Jenna Karam (Knockout Academy) 56kg Catchweight bout.

Modestas Ukaitis (SBGi) Vs Roy Noonan (FMBJJ) Welterweight bout

Tyrone Quinn (SBGi) Vs Colin Murphy (TMG Portlaoise) 74kg 

Dylan O’Donovan (SBG Cork) Vs Carl McCann (SBGi) Featherweight bout

Nate Enright (Straight Blast Gym Dublin 24​) Vs Keith Deane (Bertsakers Cork) Welterweight bout.

Brandon Myers (SBG Chalestown) Vs Eoghan Chelmiah (Ryno Kilkenny) bantamweight bout.

Sean McConnel (SBG Charlestown) Vs Adam Ryan (Sharkbait MMA) Lightweight bout.

Aaron “Any Weights” Reilly​ (Full Power Gym) Vs Ronan Tomnay (Bjj Cork) Featherweight bout.

Adham Shaban (Bjj Cork​) Vs Joel Zanga (Straight Blast Gym Dublin 24) Featherweight bout.

Nauris Bartoska (Full Power Gym) Vs Mikey Byrne (Straight Blast Gym Dublin 24) Teen bantamweight.

Prelims above 7,00pm start!

K-1 bouts…

Luke O’ Sullivan​ Vs Rhys O Connell​ 75kg K-1 Rules.

(C) Erikas Erik Luko​ Vs Ciaran Stokes​ Junior Bantamweight K-1 title.

Larry Haggins V Jonathan Delaney 66 K-1 Rules.


BJJ Nogi Super Fight- Gary Rooney V Nahom Wedi

BJJ Nogi Super Fight- Matthew Whyte V Wahab Zadeh

BJJ Nogi Super Fight – Max Lally V Nathan Chambers (Full Power)

First bout 6.00pm sharp. MMA Prelims 7pm

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