Competitor Profile Builder

We are looking for some background and general information that we can incorporate on the broadcast graphics, website and promotional material for the show.

Our biggest mission this year is to promote our competitors more, as it’s you the we have to thank for everything we’ve achieved. 

If you have the time to answer some of the below questions we would be extremely grateful.

Years Old
Your fighting style: Example. BJJ/Muay Thai/Boxer
Your Nickname (If you have one) and how this name came about?
Your Gym and Head Coaches name?
Your Official MMA Record - Wins - Losses - Draws
Your Fighting background/ how you got into the sport of mixed martial arts?
Your Belts and Grades in any Full Contact Marital Art.
Anything related to your opponent, what do you expect from them, any preparation specifically for them in camp?
Overall goal: What do you want to accomplish in the sport and life?
Interesting Fact about you: Can be fight related or just something that is personal to you?

Once again thank you for taking the time to help me out by doing this.