Nathan “The Cobra” Kenna believes Europe is too small for him

” I want to run Ireland. I want Ireland to be recognised like America and China, the biggest fighting countries out there.”

It’s hard to know what to ask to someone, when they have already answered your question before you have asked it. In this case, the “Cobra” is that someone with all the answers…

The 19 year-old Nathan Kenna, is one of the most exciting MMA fighters in Ireland, and is ‘one to watch’ as he currently holds the UK’s amateur BattleArena Bantamweight championship.

jerry cage legacy cobra

His excitement comes from his wild style, his fighting talk and his telepathic skills. One of these predictions is that the amateur championship title he holds will turn into a UFC world championship in times to come, but he is not to fussy either, if Bellator come knocking beforehand.

What comes before all the stardom and the bright lights of Vegas is Cage Legacy One, and the amateur bout facing David Moore, where he promises new changes and ‘exciting things for the cobra’.

These exciting things happen in training in Full Power Gym where Kenna plots to dismantle his opponent in the first round with his stand up

“I think I will finish him in the first round, no bother, with a knockout, he is going to try take me down like in all of his fights, but I am comfortable on my back. I am just to slick for him.”

When asked if there was any bad blood between him and David he made sure to let me know that there was not. Kenna’s work does not stop after training and assures me that he has done more homework on David Moore than he has in school.

But where does a character like “The Cobra” draw inspiration from? I looked back on interviews, and the aura of confidence around Nathan. It was clear that he is his own motivator.

nathan gif.gif

Sometimes there is more to a fighter’s confidence than his own self belief. A back story. His inspiration not only comes from the fighting greats but also his family.

“It’s looking back on my videos and putting a smile on my Mam’s face.

The cobra’s venom where he spits his fight talk, and his poisonous martial art skills comes from his family. Make no mistake, this journey is not an individual one. 

words by Emmet Banahan




David Moore….. “I will have my best performance October 28th!”

David Moore will take on Nathan “The Cobra” Kenna at Cage legacy. 28th Oct, 2016.

Cage Legacy spoke with David this week ahead of his upcoming bout with The Cobra…….

‘I’m training hard in DCU, Team Ryano and Compound Fitness, putting in the hours on the mat for my return. Nathan is a strong athletic guy and loves to fight, we match up very well and I look forward to touching gloves with him in the centre of the cage, I’m working hard every day to improve in all areas and I will have my best performance October 28th!

Nathan Kenna is the current MMA battle Arena European champion so a win here for David would put him in Title contention for Cage Legacy Fight Night in February.

Tickets are on sale now at


David Moore vs Nathan Kenna. 28th October, 2016. TLT Theatre in Drogheda, Ire.




Kennedy Vs Branigan added to Cage Legacy for October

Roger Kennedy SBG Cork will take part in the upcoming documentary “Couch to Cage” and will have the premier of the show on Cage legacy when Roger will face off against Niall Branigan from Full Power Gym in the lightweight Division.


Roger 230 days ago, was speaking to Liam og Griffin about how he had began writing for The MMA Corner in the state’s. After posting a link to his piece about Conor he was trolled for my lack of worthiness to write my opinions on a sport that “He never even fought in”. Having covered combat sports on a photography basis for quite a while Liam his coach told him he was well and truly qualified but he also smirked and said “but why don’t you train and fight too”? At the time Roger was touching 100kgs and was the furthest thing from a fighter you had ever seen. “I’m pretty damn proud of myself and doing it in SBGi Cork City makes me even prouder. I don’t think that I will ever be able to thank Liam enough. He has truly changed my life. And this is only the beginning” Roger told Cage Legacy.


“Roger Kennedy started the MMA “Make Me Awesome” project in January this year. Having photographed some of the countries best fighters across multiple disciplines for the best part of a decade with Lethal Photography, he wanted to challenge himself to walk a mile in the shoes of the fighters he captured”

Roger will make his Full MMA debut on Cage legacy, 28th October 2016 in Drogheda!

Niall Branigan , Only 18 years old will also make his MMA debut on Cage legacy and will be looking to put on a show for the home crowd fans. Niall fights from Full Power Gym and when we spoke to Niall today he told us “Roger better be ready for this because I will be looking to take him out of this early, Cant see it going past the First round anyway. I will put on a show for my home town fans in Drogheda!

nial brannigan


This makes for a fantastic bout at Cage Legacy. Both men are ready to go, Less than 10 weeks out !  Tickets are on sale now


Zaharovs “I’m coming for his head” at Cage Legacy

Matiss Zaharovs Vs Darren o Brien in the Bantamweight Division at Cage legacy 1

28th October 2016. Tickets on sale now @

Matiss Zaharovs fighting from Cilll Dara MMA has a record of 3 wins  loss 1 and in his MMA career so far. When Cage Legacy spoke to Matiss Today he said:

“Let’s hope he’s ready because I’m coming for his head. In the last fight I didn’t throw enough punches so in this one I’ll make sure to crack him with a few left hands and we will see if he’s still standing and if he try’s to take me down I’ll just submit him again”.

“I think its going to be a very good experience fighting on a big show like Cage legacy”

Both lads were back forward recently on social media and its putting a bigger flame to the already burning fire between the both men.

matis 2.pngmatis 1
Matiss told us his dreams is to become  a professional MMA fighter and to be showing his skills and talent on the worlds big stages!!

Both lads previously had a great fight on Celtic Gladiator recently and Matiss picked up the victory over Darren via Armabar so they is a rematch that the fans really want to see!

Its time to settle the score at Cage legacy get your tickets now !!

Feature image

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Matthew Whyte “Lightning”On the Rise!

Matthew Whyte from Drogheda fighting out of Full Power Gym will take on Mikey McCoy from Living I AM in the Flyweight division at Cage Legacy 1, October 28th in Drogheda.



Matthew is only 17 years old and already has become the TFC all Ireland Super Lightweight K-1 champion and has knocked up a fantastic K-1 record of 11 wins and 3 loses. Matthew comes from a boxing back round with some great wins at amateur level also.


Full video of the K-1 Title bout below…..

When Cage Legacy spoke to Matthew about his upcoming bout in Drogheda he replied-

“I cannot wait to get the win in front of my hometown crowd in Drogheda, My last K-1 fight in Drogheda the crowd were really behind me and the energy was fantastic”

“I have already proved myself in K-1 competition now its my time to do it on the MMA scene, I have no doubt i will be collecting MMA belts very soon”


Matthew after winning the TFC K-1 Title


Matthew Whyte Vs Mikey McCoy in the Flyweight Division at Cage Legacy. 28th Oct 2016.

This will make for a fantastic bout on

Cage Legacy, Tickets are on sale now !



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Preview: “The biggest domestic fight in 10 years” Parke vs. Dalton

Looking to the biggest domestic fight in the last 10 years: we preview the main event at Cage Legacy FC 1; ‘Stormin’ Norman Parke facing Decky “The Diamond” Dalton. 

Real Official Cage Legacy MMA poster

Two of the biggest names to ever grace our shore have already been throwing jabs at each other via social media ever since Dalton called out a number of MMA stars:


Parke (21-5-1) replied swiftly and would accept any challenge.

After viewing Parke’s tweet calling him an “easy fight”, Dalton added more fuel to the growing wild fire:

“Does this smell like an excuse or what? Norman needs easy win to get back into UFC where he done fa anyway.. Still won’t take an “easy win”.. Well here’s my opinion.. Norman’s judo is shite.. His kicks are shite, his boxing is worse.. And I believe I would knock his fucking Ballix in with time to spare!! Don’t play games Norm… Are u fighting or what?”

Both Parke and Dalton are vying for each other, and their opportunity to clash arose with Cage Legacy’s maiden show in the TLT in drogheda; Cage Legacy FC 1! The show includes three announced bouts and a surprise professional as yet to be announced with up and coming amateurs added to mix.

A night of top class fighting that cannot be missed for fighting fans.


words by @emmetbana and @declankenna