The Hitman Hill: “I was born to do this shit”

Leon The Hitman Hill takes on Jack Maguire at Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd for the vacant featherweight title in Cork. Hill is the holder of the fastest finish in cage Legacy History so far with a 0.43 second armbar finish at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda on the 11th February 2017 now he gets his crack at the gold.


Hill told us he got into the sport because my father watched the UFC when it first started and he found it very interesting so found the closest gym and joined up.

The confident 18 year old stated : “The vision of success inspires me everyday to train harder to achieve my dreams, I am confident I am gonna come out on top in this title fight, I have nothing but respect for my opponent but trust me we are going to go to war for the fans come July 22nd”

The Hitman Hill will also go for the trials to represent Team Ireland at the IMMAF World Championships in November.


leon 1

Hill @CageWarrios


“Best of luck to my opponent seems like a cool lad, may the best man win come fight night. I was born to do this shit that’s what makes me different to everyone in my division”

This fight has many people wondering who will com out on top, two top class featherweight will battle it out at cage legacy 3 July 22nd with one man coming away the NEW featherweight champion.. get your tickets now…

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Keith Kavanagh: “The path will show itself and the finish will come”

Cage Legacy spoke with Full Power Gym MMA fighter and 10th Planet Purple belt Keith Kavangh today ahead of his featherweight showdown with Ben Judge FMBJJ at Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd in Cork.

keith kkHow did you get into the sport?
Needed a drastic change in my life and was introduced to the sport by my sisters boyfriend who had done a bit of training with Chris Fields and then some training with Deano from C-Mac. I started off at a gym in drogheda and became obsessed from day

Who or what inspires you the most?
My obsession with becoming the best in the world at all aspects, my mission to learn all the little details that make a technique work best.

Whats next for you after this fight?
Battle of the Boyne open weight Grand Prix where I’ll take on some of the top names in Jiu Jitsu in the country.

keith kkk

“I’m positive that the training in this fight camp has helped Ben improve as a martial artist but I’m a hard person to prepare for. My game is completely different to any footage he’ll find and it’ll take a flash KO for him to get the victory”

cage legacy 3 cork 2

“My obsession with detail, pushing to make my defence and offence the same thing. When you think you’re in a dominant spot, I’m capable of getting the finish. I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the world online in jiu jitsu, who have guided me and been able to answer any questions I’ve had then we also had the good fortune to learn from Decky Dalton for awhile that’s where I learned what it really means to be a fighter. Now I’m motivated every day by Declan Kenna who constantly reminds our whole team that we’ll make it where we want to get if the work is consistent. I trust my coach and I trust my team. We will all get where we need to be. I believe in my jiu jitsu and this year has been the year I started to believe in my striking also thanks to my team and Declan Kenna. I’ll show what I’m capable of on the night, July 22nd. You’d be mad to miss this show, get your tickets ASAP.

Kavanagh is coming of a submission finish in his last MMA fight, Check out the video below…



Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd Cork Ireland. Get your tickets now from all fighters, Not many LEFT!

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Leon Hill breaks record with the fastest finish in Cage Legacy History

It took Leon Hill (1-0) just .43 second to win via armbar in front of the home crowd at Cage Legacy fight Night Drogheda on the 11th of February 2017.leon-hil

Hill now holds the new quickest finish so far in Cage Legacy History. Hill has just turned 18 years of age and has a bright future ahead of him in the game.

See Leon Hill in action on Cage Warriors 81 on March 4th in Dublin then at Cage Legacy 2 March 24th back in his home town Drogheda. Watch the Full Video below..

Lightweight bout – Leo Hill (Full Power Gym) Vs Paul Healy (SBG Cork)


Fight card: Cage legacy Fight Night Drogheda

Fight card for Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.

Card Subject to change. Limited tickets left!

Venue: The Barbican Drogheda,Ireland.

(C) Ciaran Clarke (SBGi) Vs Adam Nowak (Arena Wexford) Lightweight Title 70kg.

Nathan Kelly (Kyuzo MMA) Vs Jack Maguire (BJJ Cork) Vacant Featherweight Title 66kg.

Elliot Levy (SBGi) Vs John Mitchell (BJJ Cork) vacant Welterweight Title 77kg.

Daryl Clarke (SBGi) Vs Darren o’Brien (SANDA MMA) Bantamweight #1 Contender 61kg

Main Card 9.15 pm

Gheorghe Plamadeala (SBG) Vs Ryan Spillane (SBG Cork City) Heavyweight 120kg.

Niall Branigan (Full Power Gym) Vs Keith o Rulligan (SANDA) Lightweight 72kg Catch.

Pawel Polityło (Fantom GYM) Vs Dean Martin (SBG Cork) Featherweight 66kg

Darren Sarsfield (One MMA) Vs Dawid Wisnios (Fantom Team) 79kg Catch

Niall Hanley (Kyuzo MMA) Vs Ron Butler (SBG Cork) Bantamweight 61kg.

Leon Hill (Full Power) Vs Paul Healy (SBG Cork) Lightweight 70kg.

Prelims 7.30 pm

Aaron Reilly (Full Power Gym) Vs Dylan O’Donovan (SBG Cork) 68kg K-1 bout.

Sean Tyrrell (Full Power Gym) Vs Abanoub Fares (SBG Cork) 65kg K-1 bout.

Early Prelims  7.00 pm

Tickets €25 Standard- €35 Cage Side

Tickets HERE

Always Thankful to our sponsors for Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda

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Niall Branigan: “They don’t do what I do”

Niall Branigan (Full Power Gym) Vs Keith O’Rulligan (SANDA MMA) Lightweight bout at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda on February 11th 2017.


Drogheda native Niall Branigan (1-0) will be looking to keep his record in tact when he faces the explosive O’Rulligan at Fight Night Drogheda in his home town.


Branigan’s last outing was at Cage Legacy 1 and the fight was stopped in the first round with Branigan getting the stoppage victory and making his mark on the MMA scene,at only 18 years old the future is looking bright for the Full Power Gym lightweight fighter.

Branigan MMA debut at Cage Legacy 1 video below..

What separates you from every other fighter in your division? “They don’t do what I do”

If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be? “I would like a shot at the King Anderson Silva and  see how long I could last with him”

What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career? “I will be a three weight world champion”


Niall Branigan (Full Power Gym) Vs Keith O’Rulligan (SANDA MMA)

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Fight Card HERE
Photo Credits KO Media


Kavanagh : “I am capable of finishing you from all angles”

We spoke to Full Power Gym and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu wizard Keith Kavanagh ahead of his upcoming featherweight bout with Patrick Collins (RFA) on February 11th in Drogheda.
The Full Power Fighter recently received his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Eddie Bravo black belt  Jeremy Fields and in his last bout he picked up a fantastic second round submission finish and will be looking take that form into Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.
How did you get in to the sport? “My sisters boyfriend did Muay Thai with Chris Fields years ago and as he started doing a bit with C-Mac in Blanch, himself and another friend convinced me to give it a go. Looked up nearby gyms, met a student who was a 10th Planet nut and the obsession started there”
Who is your biggest inspiration? “My dog inspires and motivates me to become the baddest motherfucker in the whole planet with the ability to heel hook, choke or armbar anything in my way… Because he’s really difficult to armbar or heelhook, he’s too quick and agile and this bothers me”
What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter? “The behind the scenes stuff is the best part for me. Competing at these events, meeting other fighters/martial artists and sharing techniques. The troubleshooting that goes on at the gym with the people who become your family. Walking into Matthew Whyte Lightnings left hand then giving him the “Nice one” nod. I appreciate all the ups and the downs, learning from mistakes and always trying to improve to help my team improve”
What separates you from every other fighter in your division? “My clinch game from the bottom is a huge one, I think a lot of fighters break when they’re dragged into the aspect of MMA they spend the least amount of time at, I’m capable of finishing you from all angles, from the places you’d least expect!
If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be? “Cruz, McGregor, Mayweather, anyone who could beat me up to give me a free seminar”
What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career? “Just when you think you have him….”
Keith Kavanagh (Full Power Gym) Vs Patrick Collins (Rush FA) Featherweight bout.
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Fight Card HERE

Video: Niall Branigan Head Kick KO

We had many outstanding finishes at Cage Legacy 1 (28-10-16) and Niall Branigan’s head kick KO is without doubt one of them. Branigan (Full Power Gym) is just 18 years old and made his MMA debut at Cage Legacy 1 in Drogheda.


Cage Legacy

Photo credit – KO Media

The Drogheda native landed a fantastic head kick in the first round of his Lightweight contest against Roger Kennedy. This is the second time Branigan has finished opponents with this head kick,watch videos below…

Niall Branigan MMA debut at Cage Legacy 1.


Niall Branigan K-1 bout.

You can see Niall in K-1 action at Full Power K-1 Fight Night on the 26th of November and on the 11th of February 2017 at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.

Branigan will face Keith O’Rulligan in his second MMA bout in the lightweight division at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda and will be looking to go stay unbeaten. Will it be by head kick KO again?


Cage Legacy Fight Night

Tickets go on sale for Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda on the 11th of November 2016.