Keith Kavanagh: “The path will show itself and the finish will come”

Cage Legacy spoke with Full Power Gym MMA fighter and 10th Planet Purple belt Keith Kavangh today ahead of his featherweight showdown with Ben Judge FMBJJ at Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd in Cork.

keith kkHow did you get into the sport?
Needed a drastic change in my life and was introduced to the sport by my sisters boyfriend who had done a bit of training with Chris Fields and then some training with Deano from C-Mac. I started off at a gym in drogheda and became obsessed from day

Who or what inspires you the most?
My obsession with becoming the best in the world at all aspects, my mission to learn all the little details that make a technique work best.

Whats next for you after this fight?
Battle of the Boyne open weight Grand Prix where I’ll take on some of the top names in Jiu Jitsu in the country.

keith kkk

“I’m positive that the training in this fight camp has helped Ben improve as a martial artist but I’m a hard person to prepare for. My game is completely different to any footage he’ll find and it’ll take a flash KO for him to get the victory”

cage legacy 3 cork 2

“My obsession with detail, pushing to make my defence and offence the same thing. When you think you’re in a dominant spot, I’m capable of getting the finish. I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the world online in jiu jitsu, who have guided me and been able to answer any questions I’ve had then we also had the good fortune to learn from Decky Dalton for awhile that’s where I learned what it really means to be a fighter. Now I’m motivated every day by Declan Kenna who constantly reminds our whole team that we’ll make it where we want to get if the work is consistent. I trust my coach and I trust my team. We will all get where we need to be. I believe in my jiu jitsu and this year has been the year I started to believe in my striking also thanks to my team and Declan Kenna. I’ll show what I’m capable of on the night, July 22nd. You’d be mad to miss this show, get your tickets ASAP.

Kavanagh is coming of a submission finish in his last MMA fight, Check out the video below…



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Ivan Zidar: My will for success will beat everything!!

Cage Legacy spoke with Croatian born MMA star Ivan Zidar today.

Zidar takes on Irish top prospect Nathan Kelly at Cage Legacy 3 Cork, July 22nd.

What made you start Mixed Martial Arts?? “I was 6 years in Croatian national team in kickboxing and few years in boxing where I collected 97 fights. Also when I was 16 I started with grappling where I won junior world championship and senior Europe bronze medal with 17 years, then I stopped grappling and continued only with kickboxing.¬†So with that experience and K1 fights I decided to turn into MMA. Cause it’s something new for me and gives me more challenges. ”

cage legacy 3 cork 2

“I like to mix everything , The last 9 months I was doing a lot of wrestling, what gives me more confidence in my stand up. I was doing camp with a lot UFC and Bellator fighters so I push my self to the limits and develop in every segment of the game.”

“I’m sure that I’m gonna win, cause I spar and train with much better fighters than my opponent. I don’t care for finishes, I just wanna win, decision or KO I don’t care I’m ready for 10 rounds”

nathan kelly vs ivan zidar

Whats next for Zidar after Cage Legacy 3?¬† “After this fight probably fight in ACB, then one fight in Croatia and one in Montenegro in the end of the year”

“I’ll show him everything in the cage then we can go drink some Guinness haha”

ivan zidar

What makes me different? I’m always 100% prepared, I changed my whole life and left my home, family and I moved to Sweden and Allstars to success in this and my will for success will beat everything!!

Ivan Zidar travels from Sweden to Cork for Cage Legacy 3 to take on Nathan Kelly from Kyuzo MMA in Dublin in the professional bantamweight division!

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Video: Niall Branigan Head Kick KO

We had many outstanding finishes at Cage Legacy 1 (28-10-16) and Niall Branigan’s head kick KO is without doubt one of them. Branigan (Full Power Gym)¬†is just 18 years¬†old and made his MMA debut at Cage Legacy 1 in Drogheda.


Cage Legacy

Photo credit – KO Media

The Drogheda native landed a fantastic head kick in the first round of his Lightweight contest against Roger Kennedy. This is the second time Branigan has finished opponents with this head kick,watch videos below…

Niall Branigan MMA debut at Cage Legacy 1.


Niall Branigan K-1 bout.

You can see Niall in K-1 action at Full Power K-1 Fight Night on the 26th of November and on the 11th of February 2017 at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.

Branigan will face Keith O’Rulligan in his second MMA bout in the lightweight division at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda and will be looking¬†to go stay unbeaten. Will it be by head kick KO again?


Cage Legacy Fight Night

Tickets go on sale for Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda on the 11th of November 2016.


Austin Lynch Vs Daryl Clarke in Championship bout!

Austin Lynch (Kyuzo MMA) will defend his bantamweight championship against Daryl Clarke (SBGi) at Cage legacy Fight Night Drogheda on February 11th 2017.

Lynch (4-2) won the Cage legacy Bantamweight championship after a three round war with Padraig Magee at cage legacy one. Both men gave it their all in a thrilling three round fight with Lynch coming out victories and crowned the first ever Cage legacy bantamweight champion. Lynch fight out of Kyuzo gym in Dublin Ireland under head coach Barry Oglesby. Lynch :”I’m looking forward to it against Daryl he’s a top guy I’m going show why I’m the best in this fight


Austin Lynch

Clarke (5-3)¬†is without doubt one of the most exciting fighters in Ireland right now, Clarke represented Ireland at the IMMAF World championships and hold titles in other promotions, Clarke comes from Drogheda so he will have HUGE home town support behind him and he trains with some of the very best fighters in the world in SBGi in Dublin under the guidance of head coach John Kavanagh. Clarke: “I feel like its a good match up and will be very exciting fight but I feel that I am better everywhere but at the end of the day it’s a fight and anything can happen” Clarke comes from Drogheda so he will have HUGE home town support behind him


Daryl Clarke

This is the fight the fans wanted! Two of the very best will go head to head for the bantamweight championship at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.

Tickets on sale now HERE

Cage Legacy One Fight Card

Cage Legacy One: 
Queally Vs Dalton РFriday 28th october 2016.
TLT Theatre, Drogheda, Ireland. 

(Professional) Thursday 12pm,open to public -FREE entry.
(Amateur) Friday 12pm, open to public -FREE entry.

T.L.T is the Venue for Cage Legacy One on the 28th October 2016. Weigh ins and face offs days and times below:

Main Event
(Pro Lightweight) Peter Queally Vs Decky Dalton –¬†
3 rounds x 5 minutes

Co-Main Event
(Pro bantamweight)
Frans Mlambo Vs Benjamin Davis
3 rounds x 5 minutes

(Pro Middleweight)  
Will Fleury Vs Chris Meaney 

3 rounds x 5 minutes

 Welterweight Title 
Michal Vojtanic Vs Makinde Adeyemi
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Lightweight Title 
Ciaran Clarke Vs Alexander Yankov
3 rounds x 3 minutes


Main Card (9pm)

Bantamweight Title
Austin Lynch vs Padraig Magee
3 rounds  x 3 minutes

Bantamweight Bout
Matiss Zaharovs Vs Darren O’Brien
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Welterweight Bout
John Mitchell Vs Niyi Behan
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Lightweight Bout
Adam Nowak Vs Keith O’Rulligan
3 rounds x 3 minutes

 Lightweight Bout
Jack Monahan Vs Davy Murphy
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Bantamweight Bout
Rosa Walsh Vs Ciara Murphy
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Flyweight Bout 
Kieran Pepper Vs Dylan Kennedy
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Prelims (7.00 pm)

Flyweight Bout
Matthew Whyte vs Mikey McCoy
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Lightweight Bout
Roger Kennedy Vs Niall Branigan
3 rounds x 3 minutes

Early Prelims (6.30pm)

First fight 6.30pm-Doors/ Bar Open 5.30pm

Tickets here.


All seated tickets are almost sold out. Get yours on Eventbrite here 



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#FightingForAutism #CageLegacy #IrishMMA

WMMMA applies to have MMA recognised as an Olympic Sport

The World MMA Association’s(WMMAA) President, Vadim Finkelstein, has said that a ¬†request will be sent in to the International Olympic Committee(IOC) in 2017 in an interview with Tass.

‚ÄúIn the next year we will give in our application to have MMA recognised as an Olympic sport. We already have our documents ready.”

Finkelstein went on to say that the WMMAA has¬†“a very good chance to get a positive response, MMA is now the most popular sport on the planet, there are more than 60 countries in our federation”.

What do you think? Will MMA become an Olympic sport?

 Featured Image Credit 

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Due to outstanding demand; Cage Legacy is releasing limited standing tickets available tomorrow (30th of September 2016) at 9am via Eventbrite. 

Cage Legacy brings home one of the island’s favourite fighting¬†
sons; “Stormin” Norman Parke in a pro lightweight bout
against Decky the Diamond Dalton. With four
other professional bouts  married with a litter of hometown and amateur fighters, it is a night That will go down in domestic MMA history. 

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