Standing Tickets On Sale on the 30th of September At 9am

Due to outstanding demand; Cage Legacy is releasing limited standing tickets available tomorrow (30th of September 2016) at 9am via Eventbrite. 

Cage Legacy brings home one of the island’s favourite fighting 
sons; “Stormin” Norman Parke in a pro lightweight bout
against Decky the Diamond Dalton. With four
other professional bouts  married with a litter of hometown and amateur fighters, it is a night That will go down in domestic MMA history. 

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John Byrne : Looking for his 4th Title on Cage Legacy in October !

John Byrne from SBG will take on Makinde Adeyemi for the Cage legacy Welterweight Belt on 28th October 2016. John trains in SBG under world class coach John Kavanagh.

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jon byrne new 1

John Byrne & Conor McGregor

Byrne is Now 7-1 in his MMA Career and already has 3 championship Titles in other organisations  and will be looking to add another in October when he faces Makinde Adeyemi for the Cage Legacy Welterweight Title in the TLT Drogheda, Ireland.

john byrne new 3

John Byrne from SBG put on a world class performance in Liverpool recently when he put away undefeated Next Gen hometown fighter Jack Flynn via submission in the second round. Helping John win the Shinobi Lightweight Championship to add to his collection.

Byrne vs Makinde will be a rematch after both fighter squared of on June 26th and John took the win to help him become WCFC Welterweight Champion. Full video below…

Byrne is ranked 3rd in Ireland and England in the Lightweight Division on Tapology

Cage Legacy spoke to Byrne recently: “No plans for the future just yet, obviously aiming to turn professional in 2017 but I just focus on the present. I take each fight as it comes and enjoy the experience. Looking forward to being apart of the inaugural Cage Legacy show and collecting my 4th amateur title. There are some big fights on the card which and it’s shaping up to be a good night”

John is without doubt one of the countries most exciting MMA prospects.


Tickets are on sale now for Cage legacy Fighting Championship. 28th October 2016, TLT Drogheda, Ireland.

John Byrne Vs Makinde Adeyemi – Ammy WW Title .


Nathan “The Cobra” Kenna believes Europe is too small for him

” I want to run Ireland. I want Ireland to be recognised like America and China, the biggest fighting countries out there.”

It’s hard to know what to ask to someone, when they have already answered your question before you have asked it. In this case, the “Cobra” is that someone with all the answers…

The 19 year-old Nathan Kenna, is one of the most exciting MMA fighters in Ireland, and is ‘one to watch’ as he currently holds the UK’s amateur BattleArena Bantamweight championship.

jerry cage legacy cobra

His excitement comes from his wild style, his fighting talk and his telepathic skills. One of these predictions is that the amateur championship title he holds will turn into a UFC world championship in times to come, but he is not to fussy either, if Bellator come knocking beforehand.

What comes before all the stardom and the bright lights of Vegas is Cage Legacy One, and the amateur bout facing David Moore, where he promises new changes and ‘exciting things for the cobra’.

These exciting things happen in training in Full Power Gym where Kenna plots to dismantle his opponent in the first round with his stand up

“I think I will finish him in the first round, no bother, with a knockout, he is going to try take me down like in all of his fights, but I am comfortable on my back. I am just to slick for him.”

When asked if there was any bad blood between him and David he made sure to let me know that there was not. Kenna’s work does not stop after training and assures me that he has done more homework on David Moore than he has in school.

But where does a character like “The Cobra” draw inspiration from? I looked back on interviews, and the aura of confidence around Nathan. It was clear that he is his own motivator.

nathan gif.gif

Sometimes there is more to a fighter’s confidence than his own self belief. A back story. His inspiration not only comes from the fighting greats but also his family.

“It’s looking back on my videos and putting a smile on my Mam’s face.

The cobra’s venom where he spits his fight talk, and his poisonous martial art skills comes from his family. Make no mistake, this journey is not an individual one. 

words by Emmet Banahan



Cage Legacy Limited Early Bird Tickets Go On Sale This Friday on EventBrite

“..this maybe the biggest domestic flight in Irish MMA in the past 5-10 years”

It’s time to #CreateYourLegacy on Friday the 28th of October 2016 as limited Online Early Bird Tickets go on sale next Friday (August 26th) on Eventbrite at 9am.

Cage Legacy Fighting Championship 1 karate kicks off its debut show, bringing home one of the island’s favorite fighters and UFC star; ‘Stormin’ Norman Parke as he faces off against Decky ‘The Diamond’ Dalton.

The professional Lightweight bout is set to make MMA history in the TLT Theatre Drogheda, being dubbed the biggest  domestic fight in Irish MMA in the past 5-10 years.”

The main-event is married with three semi-professional bouts. The co-main event is one to watch as MMA veteran, John “Jonny Jitsu” Redmond, takes on Rolando Alphonzo Dominique in the middleweight division.

The professionals are not the only fighters taking home something, as local Drogheda lads and brothers, Daryl and Ciaran Clarke fight for the bantamweight and lightweight titles. The brothers train under Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh in Straight Blast Gym (SBG).

“I travel three hours a day and train five times a week”- Daryl Clarke on what it takes…

“John [Kavanagh] is one of the best trainers in the world…The level is unbelievable; you are training with Paddy Holohan, Aisling Daly, Dylan Tuke, Alex Brophy, the list goes on.”

A man to be feared for his record and dedication struts towards us with a smile under his grey hood, maybe giving us an early look (minus the drizzling rain) at his walkout for Cage Legacy One on the 28th of October. One thing was sure, Daryl Clarke was taking everything in his stride.

The 19-year-old ‘Drog’, an exciting MMA prospect, made it seem like nothing that fifteen hours of his, and brother Ciaran’s week was dedicated towards just travelling to John Kavanagh’s SBG on the Naas Rd, nevermind the graft of training:

“We get the bus into town, then we jump on to the Luas and get out to bluebell and then SBG is right there. It takes about, door-to-door an hour and a half.”

Mostly when working with Coach Kavanagh, Clarke explains that most sessions are technique, but the benefit of of SBG comes that it is a full-time gym, where martial artists can benefit from meeting up with team mates and training conveniently.

This was clear that the training was paying off, as Clarke represented Ireland in Las Vegas in the IMMAF.  I can imagine that the Clarke brothers were the most comfortable of all the Irish fighters who travelled, considering they only had to travel 13 hours this time…

Daryl, who hopes to make it big in the likes of Vegas for the UFC by his 25th birthday,  can make it through hard work and grind. That’s how he predicts he will beat his up coming Irish MMA competitor in Vegas turned opponent Pádraig ‘Pythagoras’ Magee  for Cage Legacy One.

“I think he [Pádraig ‘Pythagoras’ Magee] is one of the best bantamweights there is in the country, I have a lot of respect for him and his ground game and he is very flashy. “

So, how does Daryl beat Pádraig?

“You grind him out, and take him into deep waters.”

If there is any predicitng sentence to described Daryl Clarke at Cage Legacy One it would be this: ‘He makes hard work and grind look like fun’. So basically: Daryl Clarke = Workhorse. 

From the ways these two fighters are preparing for one another, this is going to be one hell of a war in Daryl’s first fight in his hometown, and with his brother Ciaran.

words by @emmetbana

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David Moore….. “I will have my best performance October 28th!”

David Moore will take on Nathan “The Cobra” Kenna at Cage legacy. 28th Oct, 2016.

Cage Legacy spoke with David this week ahead of his upcoming bout with The Cobra…….

‘I’m training hard in DCU, Team Ryano and Compound Fitness, putting in the hours on the mat for my return. Nathan is a strong athletic guy and loves to fight, we match up very well and I look forward to touching gloves with him in the centre of the cage, I’m working hard every day to improve in all areas and I will have my best performance October 28th!

Nathan Kenna is the current MMA battle Arena European champion so a win here for David would put him in Title contention for Cage Legacy Fight Night in February.

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David Moore vs Nathan Kenna. 28th October, 2016. TLT Theatre in Drogheda, Ire.




Kennedy Vs Branigan added to Cage Legacy for October

Roger Kennedy SBG Cork will take part in the upcoming documentary “Couch to Cage” and will have the premier of the show on Cage legacy when Roger will face off against Niall Branigan from Full Power Gym in the lightweight Division.


Roger 230 days ago, was speaking to Liam og Griffin about how he had began writing for The MMA Corner in the state’s. After posting a link to his piece about Conor he was trolled for my lack of worthiness to write my opinions on a sport that “He never even fought in”. Having covered combat sports on a photography basis for quite a while Liam his coach told him he was well and truly qualified but he also smirked and said “but why don’t you train and fight too”? At the time Roger was touching 100kgs and was the furthest thing from a fighter you had ever seen. “I’m pretty damn proud of myself and doing it in SBGi Cork City makes me even prouder. I don’t think that I will ever be able to thank Liam enough. He has truly changed my life. And this is only the beginning” Roger told Cage Legacy.


“Roger Kennedy started the MMA “Make Me Awesome” project in January this year. Having photographed some of the countries best fighters across multiple disciplines for the best part of a decade with Lethal Photography, he wanted to challenge himself to walk a mile in the shoes of the fighters he captured”

Roger will make his Full MMA debut on Cage legacy, 28th October 2016 in Drogheda!

Niall Branigan , Only 18 years old will also make his MMA debut on Cage legacy and will be looking to put on a show for the home crowd fans. Niall fights from Full Power Gym and when we spoke to Niall today he told us “Roger better be ready for this because I will be looking to take him out of this early, Cant see it going past the First round anyway. I will put on a show for my home town fans in Drogheda!

nial brannigan


This makes for a fantastic bout at Cage Legacy. Both men are ready to go, Less than 10 weeks out !  Tickets are on sale now